Student Discipline Joint Task Force

Reforming School Discipline in Classrooms through Advocacy and Research
SDJTF Director: Bettie Ray Butler, PhD

The Student Discipline Joint Task Force (SDJTF) and the Urban Education Collaborative at the University of North Carolina Charlotte has partnered with surrounding school districts to form a data clearinghouse dedicated to gathering, evaluating, and disseminating high quality, interdisciplinary research that informs student discipline practices, standards and/or policies in urban schools in North Carolina and nationally.

Our mission is to work collaboratively with practitioners (teachers), policymakers (school boards members) and educational stakeholders (community) to provide actionable recommendations and sustainable interventions that support alternative discipline strategies that reduce disparities in school discipline and improve educational outcomes.

The Student Discipline Joint Task Force employs a mixed methods approach to data collection and synthesis; combining both inductive (quantitative) and deductive (qualitative) reasoning to inform best practices in school discipline. SDJTF is unique in that it utilizes, alongside traditional quantitative analyses, participatory action research (PAR)1 which fosters collaborations (participation) between researchers, educators, political officials, and the larger community2 as a means of co-constructing knowledge about more effective disciplinary remedies (change) that promote equity and social justice (action).

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